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www.hartfordinvestor.com is the official website of The Hartford, one of the leading insurance and wealth management companies in the US these days. In fact, the company is being recognized time after time for providing excellent service to their growing number of clients.

The Hartford is being traded on the New York Stock Exchange, with a ticker symbol HIG, and is among the list of S&P 500 index as well as Fortune 500. To better assist their investors, the company launched www.hartfordinvestor.com, a website where investors could refer to for information relating to investments. Read on to find out some of the most important aspects of the website.

Client Log-in

As mentioned, www.hartfordinvestor.com is dedicated to the investors of The Hartford, thus, in order for them to conveniently perform some investment related transactions on the site, they can make use of the “Account Log-in” that is found on the left side of the homepage of the site. You will be asked to choose some options to log in:

ACC or Annuity Contract Access – this is what you should choose if your investment has something to do with death benefits. Also, this is where you need to log in if you need to distribute your investments on the various funds or if your investment has a fixed rate of return.

CHET Advisor – Investors whose investments are in the form of 529 College Savings plan that are offered mainly to Connecticut residents should log in to this link when accessing www.hartfordinvestor.com.

Employer Retirement – This is the right log in choice for those who are saving for retirement and it is a plan that is sponsored by employers.

Mutual Funds of The Hartford – If you have invested on a fund which is in turn invested in stocks, bonds as well as securities and your earnings are taxed every year.

The Hartford SMART529 – If your investments have to do with the 529 College Savings Plan that are offered by West Virginia College, then this is where you need to log in at www.hartfordinvestor.com.

Financial Professional

If you are an existing client of The Hartford and if you have made investments with the company, you should log in on this section of the website. It is found at the left side of the home page, right beside the Client Log-in. If you have not registered for an account yet, then read the following reasons why it is recommended that you register at www.hartfordinvestor.com:

• First of all, registering for an account would mean that you will have access on your investment account information anytime of the day, seven days a week.

• You will be able to have access to your annuity contracts and be able to review the life insurance policies.

• You will be given access to all the sales marketing tools in The Hartford, such as illustrations on mutual funds and other investments.

• You will be updated with the application status of all pending life insurance policies.

There are several other benefits of registering for an account at www.hartfordinvestor.com. Simply log in to the website and find out more.