www.Embarqmail.com is the e-mail address that all Century Link wireless Internet service subscribers use when they register with Century Link. Century Link offers high-speed Internet with a price of $14,95 per month and it also offers mobile and landline phone service at a decent monthly price. Century Link is becoming a popular choice for people who want affordable ways to obtain Internet and phone service. It is also the third largest telecommunications company. Century Link also offers TV cable service.


Setting Up Embarqmail in Microsoft Outlook

Here is how you can set up Embarqmail in Microsoft Outlook so you can access and store e-mail messages without having to go to Century Link if you are on a computer that does not have Internet service. First you need to click on the File tab then click on Add Account. After you click on the Configure button, you would click on the Next button. The next thing you should do is click on the “Internet E-Mail” button and after you do this you will type the name that you want to appear in the messages. You would then type in the www.Embarqmail.com address and after this you would set up your password.

Benefits of Using www.Embarqmail.com

One benefit of using Embarqmail is that you are able to access a wide range of people through the Internet. For example, when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, my family and I had to evacuate but thanks to Embarqmail, all of us were able to make contact with others who were from New Orleans and needed to evacuate. It was a source of comfort knowing that our friends were safe. And there was another time when I was searching for volunteer opportunities and the e-mail listings came in handy.

Troubleshooting Your Embarqmail

If you are having trouble accessing Embarqmail, you will have to contact Century Link’s customer service department either by e-mail or by phone. You may find it easier to access the customer service representative by e-mail since it will be difficult to get a hold of one by phone. When you write the letter to the company, state how long the problem has existed and the different troubleshooting steps you took prior to writing the letter. You should get a response within a few days.

www.Embarqmail.com is an e-mail service that is available to all Century Link subscribers. It is not hard to sign up for, and generally it is easy to use. Customers who use this e-mail service said they were pleased with Embarqmail and that they experienced very little trouble. When you use Embarqmail, you are able to reach more people than you would in your city or state. It allows you to interact with people from other countries and you can learn about their cultures. Embarqmail offers decent features and there is a reduced risk of getting viruses on your computer because it does a good job of protecting you from these things.