www.mdunemployment.com – information on unemployment insurance in Maryland

If you are trying to apply for unemployment insurance or benefits in the state of Maryland, you can apply for it at www.mdunemployment.com. That site, managed by the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, also provides a lot of information about various aspects of unemployment. Some of those aspects are explained below.


How to apply for Maryland unemployment insurance?

There are two ways to file for unemployment insurance in Maryland. The easiest way to do it is to do it online, at www.mdunemployment.com. Once there, you can simply fill out the online form to complete the application for your initial claim.

You will need; your social security number, name and address, employment details for the past 18 months and also information about dependents that are living with you, if they are below 16 years of age. When providing your employment details, you must provide details that are specific. In other words, if you have worked at McDonalds in the past, you must list the actual name of the business that holds the McDonalds franchise, and not simply write McDonalds. Doing so might unnecessarily delay the application process during the verification stage as the state will come back to you for additional details. Generally, the name of your employer will be mentioned on your paycheck or pay stub.

Filing continued claims

After the initial claim is processed, you will have to file continued claims, to get unemployment benefits on a continual basis. When filing continued claims, it is important to remember that continued claims for a week have to be filed within 14 days of the last day of a work week.

When filing for continued claims, you will be asked questions such as “Have you searched for work?” “Have you worked” and so on. Please provide honest answer to these questions. It is legally not allowed for a person to work and also claim unemployment benefits at the same time. Such practices will result in criminal prosecution, if the need arises.

How will I receive my unemployment benefits?

The State of Maryland only awards unemployment benefits through a debit card. There is no other way to receive unemployment benefits. Generally, unemployment benefits can be paid out for a maximum period of 26 weeks, after which they will stop. If you are still not able to secure employment during those 26 weeks, you may file for an extension, which may or may not be granted.

Once again, to apply for unemployment benefits in Maryland, please visit www.mdunemployment.com, to file your application today.