www.savealotlistens.com – A Survey that could Give You a $100 Gift Card

Perhaps, you have heard a lot about companies giving out some freebies and discounts just for you to participate on their survey. Save-A-Lot is actually one of these companies. This US-based supermarket has created www.savealotlistens.com, an online survey site that their customers can access to be able to qualify for a $100 gift card. The survey takes only a few minutes of your time to answer, so there is no reason why you should ignore such a great offer.

Save-A-Lot Supermarket

Save-A-Lot is actually one of the leading discount supermarkets that are all over the US today. They now have more than 1,000 stores across the United States and they continue to work hard in order to expand their business.

The supermarket is actually a subsidiary of Supervalu, considered as the third biggest food retail company in the US. One of Save-A-Lot’s goals is to provide outstanding services to their expanding customers. In order to live to that goal, they have decided to come up with www.savealotlistens.com to find out what their customers feel about their products and services. They can get priceless feedback with the help of this site and this can help them improve.

Save-A-Lot Survey Sweepstakes

The Save-A-Lot Survey Sweepstakes is an avenue for customers to provide their feedback for Save-A-Lot and is a tool used by the company to measure the customer’s level of satisfaction. The survey does not take too long to answer. In fact, it only requires a few minutes of your time. The process is so easy and everything at www.savealotlistens.com is understandable.

Requirements to Participate

There are really no special requirements needed to be able to join the online survey of Save-A-Lot. However, you need to have a receipt from Save-A-Lot since there is a code on the receipt that you need to key in at www.savealotlistens.com to be allowed to take a survey. So if you do not have any receipt from Save-A-Lot but would want to earn a $100 gift card, you better visit the supermarket now and do some grocery shopping.

Guide to Answering the Survey

Once you already have a receipt from Save-A-Lot, all you need to do is to grab your computer and access www.savealotlistens.com. Then follow the steps below to begin answering the survey:

• Click on the button that says “Begin Survey”.

• Type in the characters on the security image on the box beside it. This is done to avoid spamming. Click on Next to continue.

• Key in the store number as well as the code. This information is found on your receipt. Click Next to proceed to the next page.

• You will then be taken to the survey page which has all the survey questions. You should follow the instructions well and complete the entire survey.

• As soon as you are done, you will automatically be included on the weekly drawing which could make you win a $100 gift card!

If you want to know more information about the rules of the survey sweepstakes, just go to www.savealotlistens.com and look for the “Sweepstakes Rules”.