A Survey from Sam’s Club – Earn up to a Thousand Worth of Sam’s Club Gift Card

www.survey.samsclub.com is a link to the survey of Sam’s Club, a leading retail warehouse club in the United States. For those who don’t know yet, Sam’s Club is actually owed and managed by the Wal-Mart group and the business was started in the year 1983.

To date, the store has several outlets nationwide and is said to have more than 47 million members in the United States, spread across 600 cities nationwide. In order for them to be able to serve their customers even better, they came up with an online survey for their customers which can be accessed at www.survey.samsclub.com.

The Sam’s Club Member Experience Survey

The survey comes in the form of a feedback questionnaire where you need to answer multiple choice questions. This questionnaire is created by Sam’s Club and their goal is to measure how their customers and members feel about their products and services. The survey is accessible through www.survey.samsclub.com and it only takes only a few minutes to answer the entire survey.

Earn Gift Card for Answering the Survey

Aside from helping the company to improve on their services, another great thing about taking part in the survey is that you could earn up to a thousand worth of Sam’s Club Gift Card. This actually comes in the form of a drawing and all those who answered the survey will be included in the drawing.

You need to finish answering the entire survey at www.survey.samsclub.com and wait for a confirmation at the end to find out if you qualify for the drawing and to find out how you will be notified if ever you win.

How Can You Answer the Survey?

Before you start answering the survey, you should keep these things in mind:

• Only members of Sam’s Club can participate and you need to have a receipt as a proof that you recently shopped at the store.
• You should have a computer that is connected to the Internet.

Step By Step Instructions

1. First of all, access the survey by typing in www.survey.samsclub.com on your browser.
2. Choose your language preferences, and then click continue.
3. Read the instructions and if everything is clear, proceed to the next page.
4. Answer all the questions and you are done.

So if you are Sam’s Club member, visit the store now and do some shopping. Don’t forget to keep the receipt and visit www.survey.samsclub.com to take part in the survey.