Get a Chance to Win $10,000 By Spending A Few Minutes Answering GameStop

www.tellgamestop.com is a link to the survey conducted by the GameStop Company. In case you have not heard about this company yet, this is actually an entertainment software and video game company based in the United States. Their headquarters is in Texas and it operates over 6,000 stores all over the world.

GameStop has branches in Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Puerto Rico, UK and Switzerland. Aside from selling software and video games, they also sell magazines, strategy guides and all other video game accessories and supplies.

What is www.tellgamestop.com?

The survey is conducted by GameStop in order to know how their customers feel about their products as well as their services. This is for them to improve or enhance their level of service in order to provide more satisfaction to their growing number of customers. In order to entice customers to participate into the survey, they are offering up to $10,000 worth of prizes to those who will answer the survey at www.tellgamestop.com.

What Do you Need to Participate?

In order to take part on the survey, you must have a receipt from one of the stores of GameStop. This receipt has a survey code, which you need to provide on the website in order to be able to answer the survey questions. You will also need a computer that is connected to the Internet.

What is the Procedure in Answering the Survey?

1. First of all, visit the survey at www.tellgamestop.com.

2. Choose your language preferences, whether English or Spanish.

3. Provide the number from your receipt.

4. Indicate the city as well as the state where you live, as well as the store number which you will also find on the receipt.

5. Click “next” to start answering the survey.

6. When you are done, click on “finish”, and provide your personal information, such as name and address, phone number and an email address.

7. You will then be informed that you are entitled to join a drawing which could win you up to $10,000 worth of prizes.

So as you can see, answering the survey at www.tellgamestop.com is just so easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. It is important that you answer all the survey questions as honestly as you can. Do not hesitate to give feedback if you need to. GameStop will certainly appreciate whatever comments you have about their products and services.

Survey at www.tellgamestop.com