Win a $100 Gift Card if You Take Part in a Survey Conducted by Kroger

www.tellkroger.com is a survey conducted by Kroger, one of the biggest chains of grocery stores all over the United States. The store’s founder is Bernard Kroger, who started the chain in the year 1883. Since then, the company has continued to grow thanks to their excellent products and services. Right now, Kroger is considered the second biggest grocery chain in the whole US and is said to operate more than 3,000 outlets all over the United States.

All about the Survey

www.tellkroger.com was created in order for Kroger to understand how their customers feel about them. Through this survey, they will be able to measure the people’s satisfaction and they would know if there is still a need for them to improve on the products and services that they are providing.

The process of answering the survey is just so easy. By taking part on the survey, you are able to express your opinion about Kroger and provide complaints or feedback. The great thing about it is that you could earn a $100 gift card right after answering the survey at www.tellkroger.com.


Here are the things that you should prepare in order to answer the survey:

• Shopping receipt, which you will get from the store.
• Look for the entry code on the receipt.
• Take note that only those who are legal and permanently residing in the United States can take part on the survey.
• You should be 18 years old in order to participate.

Detailed Instructions

1. Check out the website by going to Posted in